Hear from our Happy Customers!

Adam and Courtney

Lesley,Thank you very much for all your hard work and patience with selling the house for us! You did an amazing job coordinating...

Patrick and Vicki L.

Vicki and I met Lesley recently and found out what an experienced and knowledgeable person she has been to find our perfect home....

Ann Marie H.

Thanks - you are amazing; and I'm so thankful we're working with you!


Thanks Lesley, You are a very good and competent agent doing the best possible job...Patrick


You're a great person and a great agent.


Thank you for your help with this, Lesley.


Lesley, We truly appreciate all of your efforts. Thank you,Kerrie

Teresa and Neal

We hired Lesley Vann to sell our home of 18 years because of her genuine care for her clients. Lesley helped us at all phases:...

Marc and Mercedes Steffes

To Whom It May Concern,We are writing to express our pleasure with real estate agent Lesley Vann who represented us in our recent...

Steve B.

Thank you so much Lesley. You have been awesome keeping usposted. Be Well....

Susie and Mark H.

Lesley, We will absolutely make it a priority to provide the positive feedback on the unrivaled service you gave us. You spent a...


You are the best, thank you Lesley!

Nick and Britt S.

Lesley is a complete professional. In my 13 years of real estate, I can say that Lesley was very responsive and took great...

Lesley to Photographer

To whom it may concern, We all know it takes a team to produce magnetic and profound results when real estate property...


Wow you are an awesome cheerleader!

Scott E.

Lesley, I want to thank you again for your continued efforts and patience with this endeavor...


We love how hard you are working and your ideas

Dr. Steve and Diane E.

"Thanks Lesley. I am impressed with your initiative. See you soon." "Very good! Shows your professionalism!""...We will let you...


You did it! That was a tough one! Many would've dropped out. Good work!


Woo Hoo! So happy to hear we are officially closed. Thanks for all your help Lesley.Hope we get to work together again,Melissa


HI Lesley: I know how hard you worked.Connie

Kevin W.

Thank you for all of your hard work Lesley!!!


You are great to work with and we too are grateful for your hands on partnership!


Thank you for all you do Lesley!

Barb B.

Thank you for all your emails and time.

H.B. Hughes

Lesley is a consummate professional. Her bright intelligence and a heart of gold are a rare combination, but Lesley has it all.

M. Higgins

You are a phenomenal Realtor. One of the best I've ever worked with.

Dr. Steve & Diane E.

We just arrived home in Texas. Will be in touch regarding the other emails Lesley. You give great super service when it comes to...


Thank you for all you do! You are excellent!!!


You are amazing. I was worried that they were just a little too attached to their home and this might have been a fruitless...


You are a very bright and intuitive person.


Lesley, I believe you are an excellent agent.


Lesley, thank you again for all your hard work. I really feel like you heard all my feedback and was delighted to cover as much...


Thanks for...all you've done.


Thanks a lot for your coordination in finalizing this property. Regards




Hi Lesl​ey​ , Job well done! Thanks,David


Congratulations on ​the​ sale!!!!!! See you tomorrow. Congrats again!! J .​


Lesley, hello and congratulations on a lovely FB page. My thoughts and prayers are with you for success in connecting each client...

Donna L

"You are awesome! Thank you, Lesley!

Todd Gillenwater

Hello Lesley,I just wanted to write you a note and say congratulations on the great year you had in 2016. You are a credit to our...

More Than On Top of Things

I must say that working with Lesley Vann was such a pleasure. She was always more than on top of things and willing and able to...

Jackie and Sean

We wanted to say thank you AGAIN for helping us find the home of our dreams! You worked so hard to make this a reality and it...


"Lesley – I continue to be more than impressed by your assistance and support. "As I have said before and want to reinforce,...

Geoffrey F.

"It was good speaking with you, and I look forward to working with you to sell my home.Thanks, Geoffrey F."

Renata M

"Thank you Lesley. I appreciate your efforts...Thank you!Renata M."

Cindi and Gary

We are so grateful for all your work on this adventure. On to bigger and better adventures.....Thank you. We will be home late...


You're so committed to your work and clients, so heartfelt and genuine in all you do. You do great work!~ Janice

Jackie R.

You have been overwhelmingly kind during this process and trust everything will turn out for the best for all concerned. Thanks...

Judy and Kevin

Thank you for all the time you have given to us. It is appreciated and will not be forgotten!!Judy and Kevin

Dr. Trish

Thank YOU, so very much!!! ...This has truly offered me hope, encouragement and inspiration….and, I believe I can speak for my...

John W.

Thanks for all your help!John W.

John Welsh

By the way……sometime before summer passes…..lets have lunch and go visit Taylor's house again…..I would like to see what...

Dennis L. Jones

Leslie, Congratulations to you! The results you had on this transaction are a sign that you nailed this listing perfectly...


Hi Lesley, Just wanted to say happy holidays and thank you for working so hard on our house. Thank you!Have a great holiday and...


You are the best...I imagine you are one of the top realtors in your office!!!


The listing looks great! The pictures and descriptions are excellent! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!


=You have to promise to meet me some day!!! I really was so impressed with your diligence throughout this transaction. MMM was...


Thanks for all your help and time...

Thank you!

...THANK YOU!!!! It was wonderful seeing you again and having such a great afternoon! ...It’s been great getting to know you...


You all have done a wonderful job...


Great news. Brian has chosen Lesley to assist with his home sale. After his experience with the other agent, he had asked for...


Lesley, I can only imagine that when you received the referral for this listing, the last thing you expected was for it to be...

Larry S

Yahoo. Way to go. You made two older people with issues we can’t imagine very happy. Tks.


You are so wonderful and I admire your energy!Kindly,


"Thanks, good job.


Great job. Thanks for all your diligence.-CarolWow....you are really working hard here. Good job!-Carol


Thank you for being so fantastic and diligent. You are the best!

D.S. Williams

Great Work, Lesley!

Joe and Rosemary D

We've made several home relocations over the last 10 years, so we are recently and quite thoroughly versed in the...


Hi Lesley,Good going. Congratulations on nailing it.


Lesley, hello and congratulations on a lovely FB page. My thoughts and prayers are with you for success in connecting each client...